DJs are all the rage right now. It seems like every other day there’s a new big-name artist in the spotlight. Or at least that’s what it looks like on the outside. A lot of work goes into being a great DJ, and they all have to start somewhere, like their friend’s party or their parents’ basement. They also need the basic equipment, but sometimes beginning DJs don’t know what to get or what’s right for their skill level. If you’re a DJ who’s just starting out on their road to glory and don’t know what you need to start, then you’ve stumbled upon the greatest blog ever. At Dragon Frontboards, we’re dedicated to helping DJs of every level become better. Keep reading to learn about the best DJ gear for beginners and then get ready to rock out!


DJ Software


What kind of software you get will depend on what kind of DJ you want to be. If you want to make your own music from scratch, then beat producing software is what you should get first. If you like remixing existing tracks or music then mixing software may be more your thing. If you aren’t sure what you want to specialize in or if you want to do a little bit of everything, you may just want to look into both types. That way you cover every style and can get a sense of what you like to do versus what you don’t. This will help you fall in love with a certain style, which you’ll be able to get even better at as you progress.


For whichever software you decide to download or buy, start out with free or cheaper versions so you get a good feel for the basics. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew and end up getting frustrated or not liking your decision and being stuck with some pricey software that you won’t use. You can always upgrade as you get better, but it’s always easier and smarter to start out on platforms made for those who are still learning. Remember, in video games you don’t start out by fighting the final boss at full power; you start at the basics and eventually work your way up.


DJ Mixer/Turntables

 person playing DJ controller

For most DJs, a mixer or turntable is their main tool of choice to play their music. Turntables are the old-school vinyl record players that consist of a platter, motor, needle, and usually some type of speaker or audio jack to hear the music. Most are usually compact enough to fit on a coffee table, but some get to be quite big. Mixers are the electronic versions of turntables. Mixers are almost entirely electronic, with some models being able to play CDs. They’re usually one piece with several knobs, switches, and buttons all placed around the top. Most of these switches and knobs help control the sound or tempo of the song, but fancier DJ mixer models will allow you to do more.


Much like your software, make sure you start off small with your DJ turntable or mixer. Larger models have a lot of great features that will help you produce and control your music better than smaller models, but you should know how and when to use them before you buy the deluxe model. If you’re going for the turntable, get a single table, meaning you’ll only be able to play one record at a time, and learn how to spin. If you’re getting a DJ mixer, go with the single or a smaller double model. The bigger models look cool, and eventually you may just need one, but for now you just need to figure out the basic switches and buttons.


DJ Soundboard


This one is a bit of a stretch for beginner level DJs, but it can come in handy when you’re learning how to make a beat, especially one with several different components or switches. A soundboard will let you download sounds or beats and let you assign it to a certain button you press on its face. DJ soundboards often look very cool, with lights and sounds galore. Many also have some useful features and can even let you download a beat or song you made on it to your computer or flash drive. A soundboard will teach you how certain sounds and beats go together. Eventually, you can get creative enough to make whole songs just on your trusty soundboard.


Though soundboards look cool and can teach you the basics of song production, they shouldn’t be the only part of your set. Unless you get a large soundboard and know how to use it, your songs will pale in comparison to what they would be if you made them on your computer or mixed them on your turntable. A soundboard is a great accent, but when you’re starting out, learning how to make a great song or beat on your computer will take you much further than simply pushing a few buttons. Also, if you get a soundboard when you’re first starting, make sure to get one you feel comfortable playing.


DJ Accessories


Once you have everything we’ve mentioned above and you’ve got a general feel for your equipment, you can splurge on some accessories. A DJ stand can help you keep your computer near you but out of the way of your mixer and other equipment. Programmable lights and fog machines will surely up the wow factor during your set. A DJ booth facade will help you keep your equipment safe from the hundreds of people dancing around you and help you look great while standing out at the same time.


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