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About Us

At Dragon Frontboards we design, develop, and manufacture custom DJ Frontboards, also known as DJ booths or DJ facades. Additionally, we offer many varieties of DJ set up accessories such as: DJ Backdrops, Dance Stages, Projection Screens, Carry Cases/ Flight Cases and more. All of our products are handcrafted from the finest materials and can be customized to fit your preferences. These products can be modified to any color, shape, size and style.

Our frontboards are crafted from a sturdy wood frame. The center of the frame can be customized in either a lycra/spandex stretch fabric or a semi-transparent plexiglass. The fabric can be ordered in many different colors and designs/prints to fit any theme. This setup looks great with or without background lighting. We use LED lighting for our facades, although any type of lighting can be suitable for use with our facades. The LED lighting is sold separately.

Dragon Frontboards will help your company gain a competitive advantage in its market by providing you with the benefit of a professional appearance. Dragon Frontboards are designed by DJ’s for DJ’s, therefore, we know the importance of having a presentable and memorable facade, DJ booth, or workstation. Knowing our setups will be used regularly by DJ’s and musicians, we created this product to be lightweight, durable, and easily set up. When purchasing from Dragon Frontboards, keep in mind that you are buying a top quality, solid and secure product.

Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing them with a product of superior quality and innovation.


• Trade Shows • Mobile DJ • Nightclub • Banquet (mobile bar) • Catering (mobile bar/live food prep) • Craft show vendor • Festival Vendor • Magician • Musician’s facade • Sound & Lighting company • School merchandise/sporting events • Special event product/ticket sales

Dear Customers: Don’t be fooled by imitations! Dragon Frontboards is the ORIGINAL designer, manufacturer, and inventor of the light-up DJ Facade.