DJ Tables that will make any DJ stand out!

We’d like to think that the majority of DJ’s from today’s day and age have advanced past the “equipment on foldable table” look. Cables pouring off of a DJ table and expensive equipment placed atop does not make for the most appealing representation of the DJ, his set-up, or the event host. A DJ set-up should enhance, not reduce from the atmosphere. A strong presentation is the first step in enhancing your appeal as a professional disk jockey, and that’s why a professional DJ Table will surely make any DJ stand apart from the crowd, look organized and professional.

Choosing the right DJ Table

There are many options available when it comes to a choosing DJ Table. Some DJ Tables give the option of placing your DJ Equipment right on top, as a way to showcase your equipment. Others have built in consoles, or “nests” for your equipment to sit inside of. Some DJ Tables even go so far as including an area for plasma screens, and others have the ability to be used with projectors, making it of great use for Video Jockeys as well.

With the recent rise of custom DJ Tables, it’s as easy as ever to have a one of a kind Table you can call your own. Custom graphics or logos can be a great addition to your DJ Table, even customizing to a specific height or design is an option now. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that a professional and organized setup is very important to any DJ’s reputation.

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