Dragon Frontboards is proud to celebrate its 7th year anniversary. Over the years we have been honored to meet, work with and serve a vast array of DJs, Entertainers, Brands and Companies around the world.


In 2008 Dragon’s founder, DJ Efi Samba, invented a portable light-up DJ Facade that opened new doors for DJs looking to enhance their visual appeal and add excitement to their live performances. As a veteran DJ, Efi knew there had to be an alternative to the unsightly makeshift facades he grew up with. His vision was a product that would allow DJs to create memorable setups that make lasting impressions on their audiences.


Dragon’s very first DJ Facade was the Naga model. Immediately after posting the facade on Ebay and Amazon, orders came pouring in. DJ Efi knew he was on to something, as requests for the Naga arrived faster than he could have ever imagined. To this day, the Naga remains our best selling and most frequently copied design.


In the years following the release of the Naga, Dragon created dozens of facade designs and began selling them on its website. As popularity and demand for the products increased, we began receiving custom orders for brands like Hard Rock Casino, Dave & Busters, Disney, Captain Morgan and Victoria’s Secret, as well as requests from entertainers like LMFAO. Efi then began designing custom facades and workstations, like the Ray, Galaxian, Claw, Rinalgo, Natlor and Draglord. These futuristic and innovative designs put Dragon on the map as a creator of truly unique products you won’t find anywhere else.


We pride ourselves on innovation, and always strive to create products that are both visually stunning and functional. Stay tuned for new product releases, news and announcements. We have a lot in store for 2014 and hope you’ll come along for the ride!