So you have a sweet space ready to start an even sweeter party in. You have everything you think a venue needs to hold the best parties around, but when you open up the doors there’s no one there. Luckily, you can avoid this incredibly sad situation with the advice from this blog, presented by Dragon Frontboards. Dragon Frontboards specializes in building custom DJ facades, custom DJ workstations, and custom DJ tables that help make a party something everyone will remember. In this blog, we’ll go over everything your venue needs in order to keep people coming back to every party you throw. Keep reading to find out what you need to make the ultimate party venue.


1 - Room


Have you ever been on a cramped dance floor? It’s hot, it’s awkward, and no one truly enjoys it. Aside from heat stroke and other people’s sweat on them, your guests won’t get anything out of a tiny dance area. If your dance area is small, it will also limit the amount of quality DJs that will want to play at your establishment. They won’t want to deal with the crowded spaces, smelly people, and low attendance rates often associated with venues that have small dance areas. People love to spread out and get down, and DJs love playing for larger groups of people that are more inclined to dance and connect with their music.


Having an adequate dance floor is key to a great venue. Just because a dance floor is smaller, doesn’t mean it can’t be good, there just needs to be a way to limit the amount of people in an area so everyone can have fun. When you have the right amount of room for your venue, people will love going to your establishment and partying as long as you’ll let them. You’ll also have a larger number of quality DJs to choose from or rotate in. Now we’re not telling you to completely remodel your building or dance area, just make sure that when there’s a party that everyone has enough room to have fun.


2 - Sound System


Ever go to a club where you can barely hear the music, and your face is pressed up right next to the speaker? Not only will people not be dancing, they most likely won’t be staying or coming in at all if you have the reputation of having the quietest music in town. The opposite problem can occur as well and your sound system is too big for your venue, resulting in unhappy customers, employees who can’t hear, and several noise complaints. If your venue is smaller, your large sound system may get in the way of people dancing, which cuts down on the total number of people you can allow in, as well as the fun.


Find a sound system that not only fits correctly in your establishment, but one that isn’t too soft and isn’t too loud. Finding that perfect balance with your venue’s sound system will make not only your customers happy, but also your employees and the DJs you hire or rotate in. Good DJs want their music to be heard, but not to hurt people. Get a sound system that makes people want to come Cha-Cha Sliding right back into your venue and you’ll have everything you need for success.


3 - A Good DJ


We’ve all been to party of some kind with an awful DJ. Be it a wedding, birthday party, or a get-together at your friend’s house, everyone has suffered from a bad DJ at some point in their life. With the popularity of DJs rising and rising, there’s definitely a large pool of musicians you can choose from in your area. If there isn’t, then you may have to get a little creative with your selection process, or have someone you know and trust do the job. A popular DJ will get you higher numbers of people in your door, a good DJ will keep people coming day-in and day-out, but a combination of the two will get you the best results.


Find someone, or a group of someones, that know what they’re doing. Do an interview before you hire them to see what they can do, or listen to their content before hand to make sure they actually know how to play music. People can dance to just about anything, but they’ll want to keep dancing when they truly enjoy the music and the atmosphere provided by the DJ.


4 - A Custom DJ Facade


Boring dance floors are everywhere. They’re a dime a dozen, and though there may always be at least one person on them, the majority of people will want to see and remember the dance floors that stand out. Be it lights, effects, decorations, or a combination of the three, having a venue that sticks out will get people into your establishment and keep them coming back every time. “I’ve tried everything to do that,” you might be saying, but there is another way you can improve your venue’s aesthetics.


A custom DJ facade is perfect for not only adding style and flair to your venue, but it helps the DJ seperate themselves from the crowd. You’ll have an eye-catching centerpiece on your dance floor as well as a way to keep people from constantly running into the DJ table or annoying them with their song requests. Your DJ will love you and your crowds will be in awe of the custom design and colors you put into your DJ facade. View our collection of custom DJ facades to find the perfect one for your venue.


5 - Rules


Oh yeah, there’s a curve ball for you. It may not sound like fun, but a good venue has strict rules that they enforce for their dance floors. Maybe it’s no food or drink on the dance floor, maybe it’s no shoes, no pants, no dance, or maybe it’s adults only after 9:30. The point is rules are set in place to keep people safe and having fun through the entire party. These rules help regulate the party, making sure it goes well for everyone, and promotes a healthy, fun loving environment. You don’t necessarily have to have these posted on the wall, but make sure your customers know the rules before they start partying so they have a fair chance to adhere to them from the second they step in, till the moment they finally leave.


If you’re looking for a way to spice up your venue, a custom DJ facade is known to do the trick. Shop our collection of other custom DJ equipment, view our gallery of previous custom builds, or contact Dragon Frontboards to answer any questions.