We are officially in the era of the DJ. Musicians from all around the world are constantly learning and perfecting the art of creating and playing music through electronic or nontraditional means. People everywhere connect with their favorite DJ or genre because of their specific playing style, lyrics, or melodies. In the overarching multiverse that is known as music genre classification, electronic and other forms of music produced by DJs have many different categories they can call home. For instance, house music versus electronic dance, or techno versus trance. However, what most people don’t realize is that there are only five main types of DJs that play these kinds of music. In today’s blog, Dragon Frontboards will go over the five main types of DJs to help you better understand your favorite musician’s style.


an controlling audio mixer

Mobile DJs


Mobile DJs are the workhorses of the DJ industry. They usually travel miles on miles to get to their venue, sometimes even crossing state or international territories to do so. Most take all types of gigs, including weddings, corporate parties, and school dances on top of traditional settings such as nightclubs, bars, and music venues. Most mobile DJs are highly approachable and are usually fine with taking requests or suggestions. Mobile DJs usually play popular music or have a setlist of songs given to them by the hosts, but others are free to play their own original or modified songs. Being a mobile DJ is a great way to make money, as there are always events that need a good DJ.


Club DJs


Usually the local superstars, club DJs mostly work in one or just a small handful of clubs all within a few miles of each other. They can produce and play their own music, but club DJs usually do live remixes of popular tracks that everyone knows while sprinkling their own original music into their sets as they see fit. Club DJs are well-known by venue regulars and usually open up for the internationally known artists that travel the world. Most can actually gain a large following of fans and will even book out-of-state events at venues, parties, or even festivals. Usually, club DJs stick to playing one genre or type of music, which helps them gain prominence with certain cliques.


Radio DJ


Arguably one of the first in the long line of professional DJs, radio DJs helped popularize the DJ profession, which began in the 1930s. Radio DJs typically play other people’s music at a radio station or broadcast company. Because there are only so many stations and broadcast companies, radio DJ jobs are extremely competitive. While a good many radio DJs only play other people’s music, there are quite a few that play their own music live on the air or bring in original tracks they created at home. However, all radio DJs have an extensive knowledge of music, usually pertaining to one specific genre, and keep up to date on all forms of music they want to play during their sets. Some may even have their own podcasts that can feature whatever subject they want.


Music Producer


Picking the next song on a premade playlist is easy, but getting your hands dirty and making your own original music takes poise, knowledge, and patience, all of which are qualities a good music producer has. Making music from different sounds, instruments, and songs, music producers spend hours a day piecing together original songs either in a studio or on their trusted computer. Producers can also help others make original beats or songs on top of creating their own original content. You can go to school to become a music producer or work hard and use the skills you learn over time to become one.


Scratch DJs


Also known as turntablists or controllerists, these kinds of DJs can always be seen with their trusted turntables and soundboards. Using their equipment, scratch DJs usually perform live remixes of popular songs and tracks. They can also throw in some original content they made at home or just came up with on the fly. Scratch DJs are highly resourceful and incredibly skilled at what they do. Though not as popular as club DJs or music producers, scratch DJs are widely regarded by just about everyone in the music industry as incredible musicians.


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