Accessories can make just about anything better. Whether it’s that perfect piece of jewelry that completes your look or that new piece of training gear that pushes you to the next level, accessories help compliment whatever system they’re introduced to. The same can be said for your DJ setup. New tech, gadgets, and items can help take your shows to the next level. In today’s blog, Dragon Frontboards, the makers of unique DJ facades and DJ workstations, will go over some of the best accessories you can use to help make your shows even better than they were before.


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Wedding and private party DJs can surely benefit from a high-quality projection screen added to their setup. Being able to show pictures of the bride and groom, or group photos of coworkers, will add a unique twist to your setup. Not only will this make people feel special at the functions you’re playing at, but it will help people remember you as a DJ and want to book you more. Simply pick the best projection screen for you, get the slideshow from the hosts, and watch as people reminisce about the pictures you play on your projection screens. Other types of DJs are welcome to use projection screens, but depending on the venue and your personal setup, they might not work as well as other accessories.


Fog Machines


For those that are fine with their tech but want to upgrade their shows, a simple fog machine can be that added touch that makes your shows truly memorable. When you combine strobe lights, lasers, and fog machines, you get a great show all by itself, but add some great music with those lights, and you’ll have everyone getting wild in no time at all. If you don’t have lasers or strobe lights, either, some venues may have lighting systems you can take advantage of. If that’s not an option, you can find some pretty reliable lighting systems just at super stores, hardware stores, and even party stores, like Party City or Spencer’s. Just make sure the venue you’ll be playing at has proper ventilation before you start using your fog machine.


Custom DJ Facade


For those that want that extra flair for their shows, a custom DJ facade will do just that for every show you play. Pick your design, add lights, and bring your custom facade to your next show and watch as people become mesmerized with your newest DJ accessory. The DJ facades at Dragon Frontboards can fit any setup and style and are made out of high-quality materials, so you’ll be the talk of the town for years to come.


If you’re looking for the best DJ equipment, then look no further than Dragon Frontboards. We have custom DJ facades, custom DJ workstations, and DJ accessories that are all designed to take your shows to the next level. Shop our collection of DJ facades and DJ accessories, or contact Dragon Frontboards today to answer any questions about our products or company.